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We are the tile and stone professionals who can turn your dreams into a reality. It is never ’just’ a project to us no matter what the scope of the project is. From huge spaces to tiny places, at our tile store in Norwood, MA, we carry everything you need for your tile renovation project. Are looking to buy tiles for residential or commercial use? Check out our extensive collection of well-known tile brands, great styles and patterns, vast assortment of sizes – our Massachusetts based tile store has it all!
AlfaLux Ceramiche
AlfaLux Ceramiche (Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Italian tiles in Norwood, MA
The result of the amalgamation of the “Alfa” and “Lux” brands under the corporate umbrella of the Nuova Riwal tile company, Alfalux is based in the tile manufacturing district in Fiorano Modenese, Sassuolo, Italy. A company that is proud of its heritage and its proliferation through tiles, Alfalux is renowned as one of the country’s leading manufacturers of porcelain, glazed porcelain, as well as single-fired and double-fired tiles.
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American Olean
American Olean (Lansdale, PA)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
With its defining feature being its American roots, American Olean is a Dallas-based tile company that has amassed years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of stone, porcelain, and mosaic tiles as well as other kinds of assorted floor tiles. With its varied assortment of products, the company also deals in glass and metal ornaments, pool elements, finishing materials, and other decorative flooring pieces.
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American Universal
American Universal (Santa Ana, Japan)
Japanese tiles in Norwood, MA
The rich splendor of Japanese traditions is on full display with American Universal’s tiles. In supplying a wide assortment of high-quality Japanese tile for residential and commercial uses, the company has effortlessly spread throughout the United States and become an industry leader in porcelain tiles.
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Anatolia Tile
Anatolia Tile (Thornhill, Canada)
Canadian tiles in Norwood, MA
Anatolia Tiles is a Canadian distributor of porcelain floor, ceiling, and specialized kitchen tiles. With designs that are inspired by Turkish tile craftsmanship, the company has been serving customers in both Canada and the United States for more than 30 years. Based in Vaughan, Ontario, the company boasts a state-of-the-art facility for its headquarters. With a large network of retailers, Anatolia Tiles has a strong USA foothold and this looks to remain the case for the near future.
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Aquabella (Anaheim, CA)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Discover the distinguished Aquabella collection, where American tile innovation meets design excellence. Handpicked for their distinctive style, enduring strength, and versatility, their tiles are great for homes, offices and commercial spaces, catering to every aesthetic and functionality need across various projects.
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Architrave Surfaces
Architrave Surfaces (Farmingdale, NY)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Many of the most stunning homes and businesses in the United States can attribute their status to Architrave Surfaces. Gorgeous tiles are meticulously produced in-house, so whether you’re renovating a bathroom or a sprawling luxury resort, you’ll find that the renowned American tile company can handle it all.
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Arley (Scranton, PA)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Arley is an American tile company that is based in Brooklyn, New York. The company prides itself on providing service, consistent quality, and a good selection. Arley has grown to become the leading source of tiling for both their residential and commercial customers.
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Atlas Concorde
Atlas Concorde (Via Canaletto, Italy)
Italian tiles in Norwood, MA
An American company by location, Atlas Concorde prides itself on two things: its Italian heritage and the international nature of its business as a global brand. Founded in 1969, the company has since grown to become one of the world’s leading producers of ceramic and porcelain tiles. With its focus on technological innovation as a manufacturing strategy, Atlas Concorde is pioneering new frontiers in the field of tile design and manufacture.
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Bestile (Alcora, Spain)
Spanish tiles in Norwood, MA
The name of Bestile has become synonymous with ceramic and porcelain tiles thanks to a steadfast commitment to quality and design trends. The versatile nature of the company’s Spanish tile means that they can be used in not only residential and commercial settings, but interior and exterior applications as well.
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Boston Granite Exchange
Boston Granite Exchange (Haverhill, MA)
American countertops in Norwood, MA
Boston Granite Exchange is a renowned Massachusetts company that specializes in crafting exceptional American-made countertops in an assortment of colors and finishes. The company’s array of granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite countertops instantly add elegance to any space, ensuring that a dream remodel can be achieved with ease.
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Caesarstone (Charlotte, NC)
American countertops in Norwood, MA
When natural minerals are incorporated into cutting-edge manufacturing processes utilizing the latest technologies, the result is a Caesarstone quartz countertop that is timeless in its majesty. The company’s vast array of American-made countertops calls on countless influences, resulting in a creative selection of products that can transform any space.
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Cambria USA
Cambria USA (Eden Prairie, MN)
American countertops in Norwood, MA
Homeowners and designers alike have turned to Cambria USA for years thanks to the company’s commitment to gorgeous designs and superior performance. The company’s American-made countertops are constructed from quartz – one of the world’s strongest minerals – to make them resistant to heat, stains, and scratches.
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Ceramica Gazzini
Ceramica Gazzini (Rubiera, Italy)
Italian tiles in Norwood, MA
An Italian tile manufacturing company in every possible sense of the word, Ceramica Gazzini tiles are designed and manufactured in its home country. The company wears its identity proudly and displays its heritage on its ceramic and porcelain tiles. Its signature artisanal touch and quirky elements set its products apart from any other collection available and in doing so, has created a wide demand for Ceramica Gazzini tiles for both home and commercial property use.
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Colorker (Alcora, Spain)
Spanish tiles in Norwood, MA
Colorker Ceramica is a Spanish manufacturer of ceramic tiles as well as an interior design company. The company spearheads its manufacturing processes from its headquarters in Alcora, Spain. Colorker tiles are known for their ability to evoke emotions both in buyers and designers alike. Colorker group has its network spread out across the entire world, with the United States representing a core market for the company.
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Crossville (Crossville, TN)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Based in the eponymous town in Tennessee, Crossville describes itself and its products as “American-owned, American-based, and American-made”. This proud leaning towards the company’s history is evident in its product lines. The company was founded in 1986 and is a manufacturer of porcelain tiles. Crossville also dedicates itself to sustainable manufacturing as part of its core principles.
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DalTile (Dallas, TX)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
DalTile is an American company that deals in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles. Founded in 1947 in the Southern city of Dallas, the company holds the title as the largest ceramic manufacturer in the world by volume. With a versatile portfolio, DalTile offers a truly vast selection of tiles for all kinds of spaces – from homes to offices and public spaces.
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Eleganza (Fullerton, CA)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Eleganza is an American tile import and distribution company. With its headquarters situated in the West Coast city of Anaheim, California, the company places an identifiable emphasis on products that are stylish whilst still being affordable. The company leverages a consolidated global network of manufacturing facilities – in countries like China and Spain. This has made Eleganza into one of the fastest-growing brands operating in the ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile distribution space.
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Elon Tile & Stone
Elon Tile & Stone (Bethel, CT)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Living up to its name, the company deals in the design and manufacture of tile and stonework. With an existence spanning more than half a decade, it has established a reputation for servicing the United States’ tile industry, dishing out tile collections that are up-to-date with current tile trends. To boot, Elon Tile & Stone also offers exceptional customer service and after-sales services to customers.
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Elysium (Anaheim, CA)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Elysium is an American tile distributor headquartered in Anaheim, California. With its focus on style and affordability, the company is a nationwide importer and distributor of unique mosaics and luxurious porcelain tiles. Their eye-catching mosaic designs use a wide array of materials from glass and stainless steel to ceramics, marble, and crystal.
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Emilceramica (Modena, Italy)
Italian tiles in Norwood, MA
Emilceramica represents the entry of the Italian tile giant, Emil Group into the North American tile market. Founded in 2000, it is a subsidiary of its parent company, headquartered and operating in the United States. The company handles the sales, distribution, and service of its products in North America. Emilceramica deals in luxury tiles made from a variety of materials including stone, metal, wood, resin, marble, and more.
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Florida Tile
Florida Tile (Lexington, KY)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
An American manufacturer and distributor of porcelain and ceramic tiles, Florida Tile is the consummate innovator when it comes to tile design technology. Based in the East Coast state of Florida, the company paves a consistent way for itself through innovation, continuously exploring new frontiers in tile design. Florida Tile products grace the floors and walls of a multitude of private homes and public spaces all over the country and beyond.
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Garden State Tile
Garden State Tile (Farmingdale, NJ)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Family-owned and operated since its inception, Garden State Tile specializes in graceful American tile for a myriad of project types. With tile collections spanning a vast assortment of materials, there is always a beautiful tile waiting to be implemented in a residential or commercial renovation.
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Glazzio Tile
Glazzio Tile (Brooklyn, NY)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Glazzio Tile is an American tile distribution company that deals in high-quality porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles for the North American market. Its products are ornate and usually feature out-of-the-ordinary designs with peculiar repetitive patterns that strike a chord with the visual senses. With a seemingly endless list of collections, Glazzio Tile is a go-to when it comes to affordable home styling.
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Gramaco (Savage, MD)
American countertops in Norwood, MA
Being inspired to incorporate a Gramarco countertop into your home or business is a natural result of glimpsing the splendor of the company’s offerings. The Maryland company has made a name for itself in providing exquisite American-made countertops, and that consistent quality extends across every countertop the company offers.
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Happy Floors
Happy Floors (Miami, FL)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Happy Floors is an American company that specializes in the import and distribution of Spanish and Italian ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles for a variety of uses. With more than two and a half decades of operation under its belt, the company now holds the title of the largest importer of wholesale Italian tiles into the North American market.
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Iris US
Iris US (Anaheim, CA)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
A sub-brand of the international tile conglomerate Stonepeak Ceramics, Iris US is the company’s American division. Founded in 2004, Iris US manages the supply and sales of ceramic and porcelain home and commercial property tile products in the entire North American Continent. The company’s tiles blend discernable foreign craftsmanship with American design cues for tiles that fit the best of both worlds. Iris US is based in the city of Anaheim, California.
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La Fabbrica
La Fabbrica (Castel Bolognese, Italy)
Italian tiles in Norwood, MA
Mediterranea is a historied American porcelain tile design company. With a track record spanning more than three decades, the company has worked with the world’s top tile factories to conceive and birth many world-class tile design variants. Known for its flooring products that are specifically designed for the American market, Mediterranea tiles are a go-to for homeowners and designers alike.
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Marble Systems
Marble Systems (Fairfax, VA)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
High-end businesses and homes turn to Marble Systems for a collection of American tile that is astonishing in its volume. The impressive array of luxury tile and natural stone ranges from ceramic and porcelain to marble and granite, with the finished spaces never failing to instill awe and wonder.
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Mediterranea (Doral, FL)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Mediterranea is a historied American porcelain tile design company. With a track record spanning more than three decades, the company has worked with the world’s top tile factories to conceive and birth many world-class tile design variants. Known for its flooring products that are specifically designed for the American market, Mediterranea tiles are a go-to for homeowners and designers alike.
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MS International, Inc.
MS International, Inc. (Orange, CA)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
MS International is an American tile distribution company with distribution facilities of its own spread throughout the US. It also has a comprehensive nationwide network of retailers, allowing it to manage a vast supply chain consisting of walls, floors, and countertop tiles for the entire North American market. The company scours the entire globe to source new designs for its collections, making sure that its tile collections have variety.
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Nemo Tile & Stone
Nemo Tile & Stone (New York, NY)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Enjoy the pinnacle of East Coast residential and commercial tile excellence with products from Nemo Tile & Stone. Founded in 1921 in the bustling neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, the company has grown in leaps and bounds, establishing an indomitable presence throughout the Northeastern United States – with locations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Nemo Tile & Stone products can be found in a variety of locations all over the region.
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NovaBell (Roteglia, Italy)
Italian tiles in Norwood, MA
The passion for starting NovaBell was borne by its founder from the passion of taking tile technology to the same heights as he attained whilst flying his plane. Since its founding, NovaBell has pioneered advancements in Italian tile design and manufacturing, solidifying the company’s position as a powerhouse in the process. Today as always, NovaBell is proud to make ceramic tiles of the excellent quality and with the diversity of styles.
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Powerline Imports
Powerline Imports (East Rutherford, NJ)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Unveil the charm of Powerline Imports, experts in American tile making that effortlessly marry style with durability. Our store’s selection of exterior and interior tiles, pavers and mosaics ensures that every home can find its perfect match, creating environments that are both inviting and resilient. With Powerline Imports, each tile is a commitment to quality, designed to enrich your home with beauty and lasting elegance.
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Raphael Stone
Raphael Stone (Leonia, NJ)
American countertops in Norwood, MA
Dozens of designs and colors can be found among Raphael Stone’s unique selection of modern and high-tech quartz countertops. The American-made countertops company specializes in engineered stone, which is not only stunning in its beauty, but durable, hygenic, and designed to require less maintenance than granite.
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Soho Studio
Soho Studio (Brooklyn, NY)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
A company that embodies amazing Canadian style, Soho Tiles was established in 2007 in Toronto. This Canadian tile company offers thousands of natural stone and tile solutions, with a focus on the highest quality of ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stone including travertine, limestone and marble, importing from all around the globe. The mission of Soho Tiles is to make sure that each finished project is as unique as the customer.
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SomerTile (Manalapan, NJ)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
Inspired by a number of international influences to create a uniquely American tile, SomerTile’s massive catalog has options for bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, and more. The expertly-curated selection of floor and wall tiles has made the company a reliable and creative choice for remodels of all sizes.
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Spectrum Quartz
Spectrum Quartz (Cranbury, NJ)
American countertops in Norwood, MA
For countertops that are brilliant in both their permanence and artistry, look no further than Spectrum Quartz. The American-made countertops company relies on a unique approach to design and construction for a result that never ceases to impress. Introduce an unparalleled engineered stone surface to your home with Spectrum Quartz!
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United Pool Tile
United Pool Tile (East Rutherford, NJ)
American tiles in Norwood, MA
United Pool Tile, an American tile company, is a premier supplier of high-quality pool and spa tiles. They offer a diverse range of products that blend durability with stunning aesthetics, including glass, porcelain, and mosaic tiles, designed to meet various design preferences and functional requirements.
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