Tiles Direct in Norwood Now Serving Walpole, MA!

Our Tiles Direct Shop warehouse is located at 810 Boston Providence Highway, Norwood, MA but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same amazing materials or convenient services of the residents that live closer.

At Tiles Direct Store, we serve cities in the surrounding area and the city of Walpole is included. That mean you have access to amazing stone, tile, wood, metal, glass, mosaics, marble and more. We can assist with your product selection, deliver it to your door or install it for you. 

At Tiles Direct Norwood we try to take the stress out of your renovation projects. We are professionals with years of experience who are happy to give advice, help with establishing the amount of materials people need or to explain the trends in the stone and tile industry. We stock merchandise and tile brands from around the world so your options are limitless.

From traditional to classic or modern to eclectic we have the style, colors and sizes you want at the prices you need. Contact or call us or check out our website for some inspiration.  

Tiles Direct in Norwood Now Serving Walpole, MA!