Why You Should Choose Affordable Marble for Your Home

Often times when considering renovation or remodeling materials home and business owners don’t consider marble as an option because they believe it’s too expensive. Marble has this reputation because it’s considered a luxurious option. A material that’s only used by rich people who live in fancy houses. In actuality this is far from the truth. At Norwood tile store, we sell affordable marble to contractors, home owners, architects and interior designers every day! 

What’s So Great about Marble? 

•Heat Resistant 

•Easily Repaired

•Aesthetic Beauty



Luxury at its Finest!

Marble is one of the most beautiful hard surface materials a person can have in their home or business. Light reflects off of marble showing the natural veins and colors. It’s available in different colors and looks amazing regardless of which style you want to decorate in. Marble is durable and can withstand foot traffic and pets. A hardwood floor may sound like a cheaper option but when you consider that a dogs claws can scratch up hardwood floors and the amount of maintenance you will have to do, marble is the better option. Marble also has longevity on its side. If it’s maintained properly you won’t have to replace it in your lifetime. 

Shop Norwood Tile for the Best Deals on Marble!

Affordable marble is the key to making your renovation project pay off. Using affordable marble will increase the value and beauty of your home. Let Norwood Tile show you some affordable options in marble. Call us today or stop in and let us show you around. 

Why You Should Choose Affordable Marble for Your Home