Kitchen Tiles from Tile Store in Norwood, MA

Remodeling a kitchen can be an exciting, nerve racking time. Choosing your renovation materials will be by far the most difficult, important task. When choosing tiles for your kitchen it’s pertinent that you take several items into consideration. Following a few basic rules can ensure that your project looks perfect when finished. 

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchens are typically busy places that are considered the heart of the home because people tend to gather there. The tiles you choose for your kitchen should be practical and easy to clean. Choose stain resistant tiles. Avoid any tiles that are glossy or slippery. You can choose natural stone or ceramic tiles with a textured surface. Stay away from a pure white floor as it could make your space look sterile or clinical. Choose light colors for small kitchens and try to avoid bold contrasting colors. 

Establish Needs and Wants

First establish what type of tile you need before looking at your design options. Tile is available in many different forms and buying practical tile does not mean you have to sacrifice your design ideas. When choosing the color, size and style of tile you want, be sure to take every aspect of your kitchen into consideration. Room size, room layout, paint color, floor color, counter color, hood color, accent colors, even the finish of the knobs on your cabinets will play a role. Everything should be cohesive. 

Kitchen Wall Tiles 

The tiles you choose for your kitchen walls or backsplash should add to the overall kitchen design. Take advantage of some of the new, trendy looks in tile. Wide, narrow tiles can make a kitchen appear wider and taller. Backsplashes done in colorful mosaics are a fun way to add color to a kitchen. Glass tiles have become more popular over the years and they can add a bit of sparkle to a kitchen design. Your options are limitless! 

But regardless of the rules or the advice you receive, make sure the kitchen design is what you want. After all, it is supposed to be a representation of your style and personality. 

Hire a Professional Designer

People are willing to invest a lot of money when it comes to kitchen renovations. Often times they try to save money by choosing their own products when they have no idea what the final product will look like. Hiring a professional designer to assist with product selection can be a huge benefit. Installing thousands of dollars in tile that doesn’t look right can be a devastating ending to a renovation. Look at it as an investment. A designer is trained to know what will and will not work in spaces. Working with a designer doesn’t mean you didn’t design your own kitchen. It only means you were smart enough to seek a professional opinion before going forward with your renovation. 

Kitchen Tiles from Tile Store in Norwood, MA